Do you have any questions you’ve been wanting to ask about horse racing? Have you been wondering whatever happened to a Kentucky Derby starter from yesteryear, or the first foal out of your favorite racemare? I’m always happy and eager to answer any questions as best I can!

To ask a question, just leave a comment on this page, and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can! If your question is one that might interest other readers, it might even be featured in an article on The Turf Board!

I’ll look forward to answering your questions! Thanks!


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Wee Jimmy

Will you please mark the card for Saturdays Breeders Cup races. I am looking for horses that you think of having a chance to hit the board. ????

W. A. Miller

Though I am an American, I lived, trained racehorses in Australia for 17 years. There, no drugs of any kind could be administered on race day. We had dew bleeders, few breakdowns, bigger fields an all races than here.Why not do that here? Oh I know; it would impact the veterinarians income dramatically.


Love the article you wrote about how the derby contenders finished.

You got anything similar you can share for the Oaks contenders?


Hi. I have attempted on several occasions to subscribe, but the link does not appear to be working. Nothing happens. Do you know if there is a problem? Thank you.


Keeler; Are you using decimals or 1/5s to do your calculations? For example, the Arkansas Derby final time was 148.93. Using the decimal equivalent of .2 for 1/5th and as Sonneteer finished 2 lengths behind winner CE, his final time would be 149.33. (148.93 + .4 ) I must have missed something. Please audit and respond. Thanks very much.