Horse racing is the perfect sport for discussions and debates. Put five handicappers in a room together and ask them to choose the winner of a given race, and you might very well end up with five different selections. Ask five history fans which horse is the greatest of all time, and you’ll likely receive another five different answers. Which trainer is the best? Which jockey is the best? Which was the greatest Kentucky Derby of all time? The greatest Breeders’ Cup Classic? The greatest upset? The greatest racetrack?

Here at The Turf Board, you will find general news stories, reports of morning workouts, fascinating history articles, and handicapping insights for the world’s greatest horse races. But The Turf Board is more than just a news site–it’s a place for people to gather and discuss their favorite sport with fellow racing fans. The articles on The Turf Board are intended to be a jumping-off point for discussions in the comments section of each article, and on the Turf Board Forums. Have a question about the Kentucky Derby? Looking for advice on handicapping European races? Feel free to start a topic and let the conversation begin! I will be an active participant in the forums and comments, and I hope you will join me throughout the year to discuss all the latest news in the “Sport of Kings!”

Thanks for reading, and I look forward to having you as a member of the Turf Board community!

-J. Keeler Johnson (“Keelerman”)